Dec 12, 2008


If you know me then you know that I am not much of a cook. I have been trying alot lately and have somewhat succeed at; lasagna, Shepard's pie, spaghetti and recently enchiladas ( i didn't eat the lasagna though)

Today I will try to conquer a new dish

trusty ole meatloaf.

I am not even sure if I like it or if i have even eaten it before, but I think I heard my husband say that he likes it so its worth the try...apparently many websites have encouraged me to make it alongside cornbread and mashed potatoes....

hopefully the gym can overcome what appears to be a very yummy unhealthy dinner tonight.


leah said...

what are you talking about... meatloaf is mighty healthy for you.

p.s. you have a husband

p.p.s. ok, i will try to make your blog look prettier.
(that may require me hacking to your account)

LeahA said...

its ok... i will give you my password and such...hmm i will email you right now...then i am goign to go study and by the time i get back i wanna see an improvement...

ps. i cant believe i have a husband

Jenn said...

honey why didn't you give me a call to help you out. I think I now what I should have gotten you for Christmas... other then me as your personal chef.

noah said...

no corn bread leaha, but meatloaf is delicious

p.s. im caught up on ur life now
p.s.s. (heard they were the new cool thing) u better text me in a few months to go on some other sweet adventure again aite