Dec 1, 2008

Sunday Nights

My husband plays an open mic night Sundays quite regularly at a local bar called the Watertown. He is quite amazing but that’s not the point of my thoughts at the moment.
I usually find myself sitting alone being a consumer/observer/fan of the talent that comes together to live out their passions.

Tonight I find myself being an observer of the others in the bar.

There aren’t many.
I am one of two females present, the other is a lady wearing a leopard print mooo moo type dress and a rain man’s hat, she is quite inebriated. Later on I will learn her name is Lydia and she will ask me to dance with her, kindly I will say no. She is sitting next to two men, one is an older gentlemen totally lost in the music ( I wonder what he thinks, maybe he had dreams of playing the electric guitar when he was younger, maybe he never pursued it or was never encouraged to) the other is a younger guy with curly hair down to his butt covered with a blue fleecy toque… later he will bring out his trumpet to jam with the rest of the musicians.

There are two young men who look like they stereotypically belong in this place, they are covered with tattoos and piercing. You can tell they are there for the music and the beer, they sit in the beaten up lounge chairs closest to the can tell this is a place they feel comfort in.

The singer I like is about to play a song alongside my love, so there my attention goes, my ears, my senses and my thoughts wanna be carried away to the song he sing, the song I requested.
There is nothing better then live music, good live music
He sings Redemption Song by Bob Marley
and he does a beautiful rendition.

I wanna close my eyes and get carried away by the words he sings ,
But I wont because I cant, because just as I am looking at the people in the bar I feel there eyes watching me and it makes me uncomfortable, it makes me feel vulnerable, so i do my best to brush it off and I go back to watching the singer sing, and my bass man play and the words fill my heart and I feel moved inside.

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Valeria. said...

I miss you.
I leave this Sunday, so I won't see you till I get back.
I love you.