Jun 20, 2008


My finger has been unhappy lately

Three weeks ago I became engaged to the most wonderful man I have ever known

Two weeks ago I had to give my ring back because it was one size to big

Last night I got my ring back

my finger is now happy again

Jun 18, 2008

Some friends could tell you the appreciation I have for running outdoors

I use to do it every second night at my peak

Somewhere in the middle of then and now I stopped.

Today my work friend was explaining to me the benefits of running outside instead of the treadmill I was on and he inspired me.

So I came home, put on some shorts and sneakers and went for a run!

I am so glad I did…wow like ummmm HELLO, tonight was gorgeous.

I don’t often (which means never) say that I feel blessed in moments, sure I have experienced it but I don’t vocalize it….but tonight I will…

I felt blessed while running through the streets of east Vancouver (also known as Hastings sunrise). The sun was setting in front of me quietly hiding itself behind the glowing mountains and bustling city, this was highlighted by a vast blue sky, a mild temperature and the song ‘Ache’ by James Carrington playing in my head.
James Carrington - Ache - James Carrington

I loved it, soaked it in, felt energized and peaceful because of it and don’t want to let so much time pass before I do it again.

Jun 12, 2008


Something changed

I don’t know when it happened but it is affecting the way I react to things

I feel distressed inside, I am being cynical, I kinda wanna be alone.

I miss me.

Jun 7, 2008


I love gatherings with friends when the time spent together consists of laughter

I don’t mean the occasional chuckle but the “from the gut, unable to breath snorting “type of laughter where one can not control themselves from rolling on the floor and doesn’t really want to.

This past Friday night I had one of those occasions with people who mean the world to me, people who have sharpened my spiritual growth by asking questions and being themselves and giving me grace as I have there pseudo-leader ( I say pseudo because I really wasn’t qualified to be and sometimes feel that I didn’t do the best that I could have)

This gathering felt like it was a therapy for me after a long week working outside in the pouring rain as well as having no time to myself to think or relax.

I am so thankful for “good” friends that give me the freedom to be myself (with all the annoying, snorting, burping, whining, and journeying self that consists of me). I am thankful that they stick with me and love me and let me in their lives.

I love friends 

Jun 5, 2008


I can barely plan my day, so how am I suppose to plan a wedding?

To bowwor my roomates phrase "lets be honest" : I dont even care too much for a wedding except for the pictures, the groom and the dress!

Someone wanna plan this all for me?

And not my guy, because if he was able to he would make the entree something with CHEESE and I hate cheese !

Jun 3, 2008