Aug 19, 2007


On friday august 16th I signed my first lease.

I am moving out of my house finally, and it feels really nice, I have lived away from home many different times, but I have never lived away from home in the same city. This is a needed thing to keep my mind sane and my studies effective.
This is a picture of my new place, well the bottom left hand side is going to be it along with my fellow Russia trip buddie Jenn ! I am looking forward to living so close to Starbucks, hmm maybe I will start working there !
I am going to miss home, not really the physical place since its a ghetto place, but the feeling of the place..the fact that I know I can jump into my sisters bed when I feel like crap and chat with her and she wont disregard me...or If I need to relax and tune out the world I can go into the sauna and read a book while sweating out all the toxins i have allowed in.
I am really looking forward to living with someone who likes to read, think and cook amazing food...vegan food... I guess I dont have to worry about her eating my cheese, that is if I ate that dispicable item !!!!!
So this is my first blog, its not that good but I am not good at blogging when I am not full of emotions... they will get better.


Jenn said...

hey can we get some more of those awesome pictures posted? I do love to cook and you're free to come and bug me whenever you want - i'll be just a room away and remember the liquor store is just a block away if we need it

leah said...

This blog kind of made me sad when I read it. But I am glad you finally found a place with another roomate. The house looks great. You definitely need to throw a Housewarming Party with Jenn. I'll bring some butter tarts and red picture frames. =)