Aug 22, 2007

Settling Back In

This summer has been pretty interesting for me.
It started with me working for the government in a demanding job making nice amounts of money. It ended because of my desire to go back to Quebec and learn French ( and see a certain somebody )
I spent 5 weeks in Trois Riviers having an entertaining time, I wasted a lot of time not learning French or doing homework for my distance Ed classes. For the moment I was there I made a lot of friends, ate a lot of crappy caf food and spent the majority of my time with a certain someone (but not the certain somebody that I spoke of earlier). I forgot about life back in BC, it felt nice when I was there until I came home and realized that life still goes on here, and it can’t go the way it was going at “French camp”. So now I am home trying to put back together, or rather re-form my faith, friendships, health, cleaning/driving skills and do it in a way that is non-hypocritical in my mind.

I enjoy being back, I enjoy my own bed. I am glad that I got to spend a week in W.Virginia and test out some horrible leadership skills and function on no sleep and still smile my way through it…it gave me a chance to remember how much I love doing those types of trips and that I should be spending my time doing what I love.
Right now the one thing pressing on my mind is to get a job and not spend so much money on dining out.... or not eat so much baked goods ( who am i kidding I live for baked goods)

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leah said...

It took me about a month to finally get used to being back home after French camp at Chicout. Did I tell you how I was really grouchy around my friends here when I got back and I wasn't really friendly with them? I don't think you were grouchy to see me (hopefully anyway.) =) Oh french...