May 30, 2008


I cant write

I just dont know how to

Its like someone crept into my brain and took all the joy away from typing/journaling and left me with thoughts that are captive inside an overactive brain.

Maybe it is because school ended

Maybe it is because I dont have time

Maybe it is because I dont care

I need help;

writing help


Shawn said...

You just have to sit down and do it. Imagine you are talking to you closest person in your life. Just start typing out the conversation, even in you don't post it, there is something cathartic about it. You can always revise, but atleast you have thoughts being proccessed, and the rest of us have something to read.

LeahA said...

Thanks Shawn.

I always feel as though I am pushing people to do things ( or better put, inspiring them ) but I definitally need it myself lest I get in to some horrible rut!