May 13, 2008

Sleepy Time

I think you have all noticed that I have not written in a while

I have noticed as well and am not sure what to do about it besides write

but I dont want to write

not now at least.

I get bored easily and often lose my train of thought, or put it somewhere and forget to retrieve it at a later date.

I have a bad memory

I have a bad sleep schedule as well

I love sleep

I love warmth as well.

One thing I dont like it cheese ( but you know that already)

another thing I dont like is traffic ( maybe you dont know that yet)

I also really dont appreciate mean people, but what can you do since they seem to be everywhere?

I am going to sleep right now in a warm bed where cheese, traffic and mean people are against the law.


Jesse said...

haha well i was kinda lacking in the new posting too but i got new one down

Shawn said...

I love traffic, it has been what God has used to teach me patience in so many aspects. I love to take the time on the drive home from work to relax and decompresss.

I agree, sleep is important, I haven't been getting much of that as of late.

Oh and cheese, sorry dude, I enjoy cheese, not just cheese, but a stinky, tasty, full of texture extra sharp Vermont cheddar cheese.

LeahA said...

Shawn thats SICK!

I HATE traffic, especially when it takes me only 30 mins to get to work and then 1h15 mins to get "what the heck" is that all about.... traffic plus me being a speeder does not result in good things if you know what I mean!

Jesse said...

traffic sucks alot
but cheese is delicious

Valeria. said...

cheese is STELLER!

but its okay. i respect your dislike of it.

i dont like seafood. I wont make you eat cheese if you dont make me eat seafood.

i shall see you this week!!