Dec 5, 2007

Wednesday Morning Conversations

Ok before I punch out these two last essays I need to get this out my brain…

So he came into today a tad bit late… I saw him and then my manager said “its your break” but I said “just let me get this one last person”

He came to my till and this is how the conversation went;

Leaha: HI! The regular Grande dark with a little room for cream?

Smiley: (With smile)…. Yes, thank you !

Leaha: Is this enough room?

Smiley: Perfect

Leaha: So your off to work this morning eh !

Smiley: (smiles) ……. (I forget what he says)

Leaha: Have a good day!

Smiley: See you tomorrow!!!!!!!

( Shizza I am not working in the morning tomorrow)


Jenn said...

but I know where you're going to be - with me at the Starbucks...

LeahA said...

I dont think so, it will be my first day sleeping in , in soo long..
plus it will make him miss me I am not there ;)

leah said...




LeahA said...

TANNER !!!!!!!! Grrr stop being Jealous of the charm I have used to wrap this boy around my fingers !

Jenn said...

you to make me laugh - a good thing but not on the 6th floor - shhhh LEAHA!!!