Dec 3, 2007

Monday Morning

I have seen death today and it is the top of Burnaby Mountain.

But before my encounter with it I saw something else, something beautiful, and something that goes by the name Smiley.

I was at my store, then he was at my store, then I was in my car and he was in his car… and that’s all, except that I saw him.

As I was driving up to death, I was realizing how stupid the whole thing is;
(Also my trusty roommate and I had a similar conversation about this and our man from 10th)

The thing is I don’t know this man Smiley, except for the fact that he gets a grande dark, drives a nice car, has a great smile and is in my store at 6:45 am ish everyday during the week.

He may be;
-with kids
-an asshole
-a jerk
-a racist
-a cheese lover
-a Ken
-a Peter
-a Mike
-a dog

The point is I have no clue about him and maybe that’s the draw, maybe that’s the security.
In my mind I have created for myself this perfect smiley man that has come to save me from __________? (Don’t know what the blank is, cause I don’t know why type of saving it is, I haven’t gotten that far along)

And it is stupid,

I don’t want to have a crush on someone I don’t know, I want to have one on someone I do know then at least I will know what I like beyond a great smile and a flirtatious demeanor.

So I am trying to think of someone I know that I can have a crush on, or maybe even just have a time when there doesn’t need to be a guy in my head stealing precious brain cells up, then maybe I can get my work done when it is suppose to be done and done well…

This is why I have seen death today, so I can get my work done well.


Jenn said...

First of all you drove? Jeez Leaha. Completely agree - Tenth boy still hasn't emailed and you know what? I think I'm okay with it - because it is a save me from something feeling and it's been a cute distraction but who knows what he's like other than incredibly gorgeous. But isn't that enough Leaha? I guess not

LeahA said...

The rain was just too much for me..and it was dark and I love my car... gorgeous is def not enough...

leah said...

or.. he may be:

- single
- kind
- Jesus-loving
- a lover of books
- a hot coffee addict
- visiting starbucks just to see your lovely face

ok, ok... I know I'm not helping... but, be a little optimistic about the dude! =)

Jenn said...

totally not helping!!!!

LeahA said...

well Leah its true.. but he does have a kid... that i found out today... he is still beautiful ...and he still has a beautiful smile and eyes..

leah said...

maybe the kid's his niece/nephew?? how OLD this guy LEAHA!

LeahA said...

He is in his late 20's I think...ahh leah he is a beauty.