Dec 14, 2007

Not Studying

I am trying to study right now but don’t have the concentration capabilities needed.
I am sitting in Renaissance drinking tea and this cute dog is looking at me. I think he thinks I am going to pet him. I don’t think he realizes that there is a window in between us.

I have been unsure about what I believe for a what seems like a long while, well I mean I know what I believe but I don’t believe that I can live it… maybe I am looking too much into it, maybe I just think this way cause I am moody.
I have been moody quite a bit… I just want to be alone, ok maybe not actually alone but I don’t want people to be near unless I want them near.

When I was out with Leah, I wanted her near but maybe that’s because I trust her. Like she could say something mean to me and I could call her on it and all would be well…I trust her with my moodiness.
Or my Kat, I think my Kat is wonderful in an inspiring way. She isn’t typical. I like that she doesn’t complain about stuff and then not do something about it (did that sentence make sensecause I just re read it and it might not make sense). I like being around her because she has a great energy and she is accepting of the fact that I am indigenizing her.

My mom phoned me last night, I miss my mom.

I like the feeling of leaving things to the last minute. That type of stress makes me move (and no I am not justifying my lack of studying).

I don’t like having conversations right when I wake up… I don’t hear anything except my body saying how cold it is.

What kind of career does one have when they are a relationship person with a bad memory?

My tea tastes very good.

The cute dog is gone.

Ohhh a great song is on “Music is played for love

Cruising is made for love, I love it when were cruisin together"


Katrina Janzen said...

ah Leaha,
i remember that night swinging. on the dance. i've been secretly hoping that i'd make it into a blog. that is the second best christmas gift one could ask for...the first would be some amazingly sweet indigenous earrings. Hum. ming. bird. c'est moi. je suis autochtone.

leah said...

leaha, my leahaaa. i want you near all the time (well, minus those times i don't) you know what i mean... =)

hey, you should take me to Renaissance one of these days before school starts up again. what da ya think?

and i guess i will blog again... just for you.

Anonymous said...

first of all, i noticed how i was not mentioned in that blog, and i dunno if thats a good thing or a bad thing. and also, i think that is one of my favorite blogs yet, well i dunno, my favorite blog as of lately, it was very leaha-ee