Jun 20, 2008


My finger has been unhappy lately

Three weeks ago I became engaged to the most wonderful man I have ever known

Two weeks ago I had to give my ring back because it was one size to big

Last night I got my ring back

my finger is now happy again


leah said...

ok, so THIS was the blog you wanted me to read?! sheeesh.

Shawn said...
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Shawn said...

Leah (not Leaha),
You shouldn't let your personal jealousy issues out in public...it's not flattering.

Jesse said...

im happy for your finger cant wait to see it!!
and you of course

leah said...

louieee. please write a blog and tell me how the parade is going.

Valeria. said...

bride to be!
just stopping by to say i love you and miss you and want to see you soon before i just randomly show up and your door unannounced and maybe ruin your plans!

Jesse said...

leaHA i think its maybe time for you to write a new blog lol
love you lotss