Jun 12, 2008


Something changed

I don’t know when it happened but it is affecting the way I react to things

I feel distressed inside, I am being cynical, I kinda wanna be alone.

I miss me.


Jenn said...

Maybe you should be... you've been spending a lot of time being busy, maybe God wants you to slow down and sit with Him for a while.

Shawn said...

I am with Jenn on this one. There is a point to resting in Him. It gives us physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvnetion that is necessary to the health of the three things that keep us living life.

Enjoy the process of change, enjoy the blessings God is bringing into your life, but don't forget to enjoy God in all of this.

LeahA said...

Thanks Guys...your right... I need time to relax and be by myself so that i can actually think about the things that i am thinking about.