Jun 5, 2008


I can barely plan my day, so how am I suppose to plan a wedding?

To bowwor my roomates phrase "lets be honest" : I dont even care too much for a wedding except for the pictures, the groom and the dress!

Someone wanna plan this all for me?

And not my guy, because if he was able to he would make the entree something with CHEESE and I hate cheese !


leah said...

ooooh, pick me, pick me, PICK MEEEEE. i'll be your lovely wedding planner minus the cheese. oh, and your photographer too. and your bridesmaid. i'll just be everything. i can even bake you a cake.. no, wait... let's leave that for jenn

O B said...

On the thirtieth day in january of the two thousand and ninth year A.D. at two minutes past the second hour P.M Timothy Daniel Hansen and Leaha Shannon Bernadett Louie (leetard) will be joined in holy matrimony before our Lord and peers. We would love for you to share this occasion with us. Please rsvp asap and let us know how many will be accompanying you along with your and yours' choice of entree during the reception which will follow the cremony. You may choose from the following wonderfull selections (please check one for each of your party)
*fried cheese
*sauteed cheese
*cheese burger
*grilled cheese
*barbqued cheese
*cheese gumbo
*cheese bisque
*cheese fondu(cheese dipped in.........cheese)
we hope to see you there:)

Jenn said...

Leaha we could plan it together - but you know if Leah wants to do it - go for it - I know it will cure her of her desire to do it. As for the cake if you want, I think I could but to be honest, I'm not sure... we'll talk.

LeahA said...

Jenn you know Leah well :) ....

Leah how are you going to be a photographer and a bridesmaid???????? Although if you could do it, then by all means try...hahah ( make sure ur at least in one photo)


Jesse said...

haha your funny ob
oh leahA i would love to help
plan your wedding and dont worry
i wont put any kinda chesse in lol

love ya lots

ps tell her sooon

leah said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. leaha, this calls for an ENGAGEMENT SESSION.!!!!!!

leah said...

and bernie... that is a good question, i don't know how i'll be at your wedding and take your photos... hmmmmm, maybe i'll just make clones of myself and put her all over at once. yepppp

LeahA said...

Leah ummm not sure about that engagement session..... but you can try... i am kinda awkard to photo ya hear !!!!

Shawn said...

How hard is it to plan a drive to the courthouse?

noah said...

leaha have u told tim that im the ring bearer yet? and thats a sweet middle name o b...

leah said...

leaha... punk! do not give me that "no engagement session" deal. !!!! i wont listen ya hear!!

stitchpixie said...

ooh ooh! you can do what i couldn't do. take full advantage how how significantly cheaper wedding venues in the US are compared to canada. hello blaine, wa: http://idovancouver.blogspot.com/2007/06/semiahmoo-resort-blaine-wa.html

i'm always game to be a wedding photographer if you're in the market: