Jan 13, 2009


I have been thinking

Thinking that I don’t write here enough

When I first started this blog I was a single girl living in Vancouver Canada with my vegan red headed roommate.

Now I am married living on a little Island in the US with my curly haired electrician husband and his own version of Dakota Fanning 6 year old daughter.

I want to perhaps start a new blog

A blog about my new life

A life which consists of lots of dish washing, laundry folding, church activities and meal creation.

Doesn’t sound as interesting as it could be but I didn’t think that looking at my friends feet for a week would be exciting yet it was.

I was thinking of starting a new blog that discusses my newness to being a wife, step mother and homemaker (I am still a student and that takes up a lot of my time too).

I was thinking of talking about my newness to cooking meals which I try to do about every second day, some are good many are failures...tonight was "outstanding" in the words of my husband...good ole chicken pot pie.

I want to add pictures (which means I need to get my butt down to a computer repair shop since mine is broken :( )

I want to share with ya'll how I have been living in a construction site since I have been married...right now I sit on a couch that sits on plywood with a sledgehammer, broom, huge garbage tin, electrical tools and nails all around.

I want to share how I will one day decorate this place (believe me it needs help)

I want to share my new life with my old life friends who are still my present friends.

I want to copy my friend Leah and do a "week in my shoes" post.


Anonymous said...

of course my feet pics were going to be exciting! sheeshh.

Jenn said...

yay for new beginings and don't worry I'm computerless too... :(