Jan 23, 2009


So the stew was yummy, I think we ate it for the next week and even got Ava to try some. I ended up making another soup 3 or 4 days later...I am seeing that soups are a hit at my house since they are easily re-heated without the use of a microwave.

My computer is still broken and Tim's computer is too old to except my memory card or the right USB cord to transfer pictures so I still wait until the day I can show some more current pictures of life on my new Island.

It feels like it is becoming more home to me here. These last 3 months have been bit of a hard transition...ya I get to be with Tim and am married but sometimes I miss everyone at home more then I can handle. Some days I wish I could just call up my friend Leah and then show up at her house 20 mins later or walk in the mall and see 2 or 3 people that I just know ! But with that being said God has faithfully provided me with a new family of people...good people, annoying people, friendly and interesting people and I am extremly glad for that. I asked him for a friend around my age since most tend to be a lot older right now and for that I am still waiting.

I think when I get my social security number it will be even better because then I will be able to work...ohhh how I miss working...the mailbox has become my best friend, i check that thing religiously every day at 3:30...so if you ever want to send me mail I will gladly except.
xoxo, Leaha


noah said...

leaha i never thought of sending u mail, how foolish of me

cheryl said...

send me your address and i'll send you a care package i meant to send you way back in vancouver --- your_paper_bag_princess AT hotmail DOT com

ps wanna come for a games night in the next month or so?

Gloria said...

ooohh Leaha I miss you too! I'm sure Leah would love to have u. No more sleepovers :) But you have a great new life and changes are good. Miss you