Jul 6, 2008

Rushing Myself

I have never been one to stay in one place for too long.

It could be as simple as waiting for others in my party to get ready or not wanting to live in one place for too long.

I thrive on movement, adventure and action. I like stress … it is a disease really.

I remember something my English professor would tell the class “boredom is a choice”

I choose to get bored easily I choose to be ansy I choose fun over responsibility

I choose short term or over long term I choose there, over here

Right now I am patiently trying to learn how to be satisfied in my environment, to relax, to enjoy the moment for what it is, to not choose boredom, to follow through, to stick with something (like writing on this blog), to not rush, to sit still, to think…. to be more creative with the time that my mind makes me believe is being wasted.

I use to be able to sit for hours and read a book, draw my imagination, watch planes fly overhead,do my homework.... somewhere between then and now I forgot that there is pleasure in those things....

the journey begins to find those things once again .


OB said...

Bravo baby Bravo!!!!!!! I love this blog. I love you. I love everything with you. I love doing nothing with you. I love seeing you twitch when I am being so much like snail when it's time to get going. haha, there will be a beautifull middle ground with us I'm sure; as we learn from and for each other. patience for you, efficiency for me.... I am actually incredibly astounded at your unfailing ability to be the first one ready and out the door waiting for me to find my hat or keys or wallet. You are an amazing blessing for so many reasons LSBH Always so pretty too

LeahA said...

hahahahah YAAAAAAA

I think my patience is being tested right now waiting for a friend who shares part of my name...but woot woot I have coffee in one hand,and my computer in the other....and now thoughts of you

LEAH !!! Get your butt here !