Jul 15, 2008


Bachelor partys !

Who needs them really???


Am I crazy for thinking that they are not an essential to pre marriage events?


Jenn said...

depends what kind it is - you know - if it's the boys going to the local sports bar for beers, wings and a game or something that's cool. beyond that no way - same goes for the girls. not necessarily the same activity but why not Havana's for sangria and good conversation?

Jenn and Shawn said...

Leaha I totally agree. I do not feel a need to have a "last hoora," going to a place or doing things I would not do with Jenn right next to me. I don't see anything productive coming out of a bachelor or bachelorette party.

LeahA said...

me too !!!!!

Tell Tim that !!!!!

or better yet tell his boy friends :)

Shawn said...

WHOOOOOA! You never told me Tim has boyfriends too...You really are open minded.