Jul 29, 2008


It felt very nice to come to my place today after a somewhat stressful day…made me feel a bit peaceful and energized even though I am tired.

Maybe because I got to snuggle with my roommate
Maybe because it was clean and clutter free (not my room of course)
Maybe it’s because there is stuff here that is mine
Maybe it is because I can see starbucks from my bedroom
Maybe because my cell phone is completely dead
Or because I had some yummy amazing cereal for dinner.

I wanna to cook my food and stop eating just toast……and I want to cook good food…sheeesh I have lived with an amazing cook (its not just me who think this, she has more fans) …well I have lived with her for almost a year and never fully watched her do her thing…and her thing is awesome…..

I am sleepy and grammar is extra hard for me, so I am going to sleep

the photo above is of my future family.


the girl documentary said...

i say cuz it's your cell phone is dead.

Jenn said...

Um, you keep that up Ms. Tanner and you ain't getting a single cupcake, blueberry peach crisp or Thai curry - nope. My presence was the reason all was wonderful last night and that my psycho brideness is causing supercleaning to occur.

LeahA said...

now ladies .... i was talking about peacefullness and when ya'll(that was for jenn and shawn) are fightin it steals my peace......

the girl documentary said...

haha... i didnt even see this until now. jennnnn... yes it was all youuu. i take it back i take it back i take it back!!! no more jenn cupcakes.... *shocked face! i think my world would end!!!! =) miss ya ladies!

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