Sep 10, 2007


So I am totally moved out, shouts of hooray! (This doesn’t mean unpacked, this may take a while)

Let me start off by saying that I am totally impressed with my roommate Jenn. I am totally impressed with my roommate Jenn, who set up our whole place; she has made it feel homey. I feel bad that I haven’t helped with it because of time constraints but as soon as things are settled down I will!

The place is cozy and empty of the usual loads of people that inhabited my parent’s house but I am thinking that in time I will grow to appreciate quietness, cleanliness and non-animal smells and the fact that I can see Starbucks from my place (no I am not an addict)

At this very moment I am trying to decide if I want to drop a class, because I am not sure if having 5 classes a fulltime job, LSAT prep course and youth group responsibilities, will all help me function as a healthy human being. To be honest I don’t think I am disciplined enough to do all the required studying which I am positive two research classes demands.

Right now I am studying Psalm 119 after hearing a teaching on it three weeks back.

Today I went through the passage of vs.9-16 which states;

How can a young man keep his way pure?
By keeping it according to Your word.
With all my heart I have sought you;
Do not let me wander from Your commandments.
Your word I have treasured in my heart that I may not sin against you.
Blessed are you, O Lord;
Teach me your statutes.
With my lips I have told of all the ordinances of Your mouth.
I have rejoiced in the way of your testimonies, as much as in riches.
I will meditate on Your precepts and regard Your ways.
I shall delight in Your statues;
I shall not forget your word.

Hmm beautiful!

Right now I am also trying to revive a conscience that has been eroded by my liberal, individualistic, depressed, over-sexed, underdressed, capitalistic culture that persuades me to choose myself first, to do what makes me feel good, to waste time and become apathetic to the people around me because they don’t matter.
What a lie !

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leah said...

I wanna see. I wanna see. I wanna seeee your place!!! PLEASE come to FLUX tomorrow because I'm coming and so is Jess. And I think you should come tooo. I've decided to come because I think I need a mid-week break time from all the school and so I don't give God a long shelf-life. Anyway. I LOVE Psalm 119. And did I mention I want to see your house? But I want to see you MORE!! =) OH, and yes, you crazy over-burdened beauty work&school-aholic. You need more time to relax and breathe fresh un-animal like smell from your cozy homey room. I wanna smell that. Je veux te VOIR!!!!!