Sep 23, 2007

This past weekend I went on a camping trip with the grade 12's from youth group, It was a fun time sitting by the fire in the rain chatting about life. I like how once people are out in nature in a non threatening enviormont how the chatter bug in everyone becomes alive !
I got my beloved car back, I was happy they cleaned it, I wasnt happy that I had to pay 300$ for the deductible ! I have had this vehicle for about 8 months now, and It amazes me that I still have the feeling of " I cant believe I own my own Car" ...the feeling exists for school and goes something like this " Wow I am in school" and now for my new place I often think " Is this real"... I know these seem like simple things, but my mind works in simple ways.. I love that I know how to drive, that I can freely go to school and that I have the means to live out of my parents house..I feel freer then before although these things are the main headaches of my life in terms of time and cost !
I have started missing my dad, if you dont know he has been " gone" since january and I am not sure when he will deciede to come back but I want to stop thinking about it for a while since it is not a choice I made.....blah is what I think.. blah him !
I cant wait until winter !

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leah said...

Ok, so you totally butchered ENVIRONMENT! enviormont... whatttt