Sep 19, 2007

Weekend Times !

Life has been in flux for the last month or so. I moved here are some pictures! It’s small but cozy and functional! It comes with a great view (starbucks).

This past weekend I went to Rockridge camp/retreat with the kids from the youth group, we had some fun and intense spiritual times, I enjoyed being with my girls and once again get to see them mature (it makes me sad to talk about it so I will leave it be right now). On the Sunday night when I returned my roommate and I went to the Keith Urban concert, and WOW the man knows how to perform, the show was superb, I think I like him even more now. My camera is ghetto so the photos are not that good but here are some anyways! I think I still have his tunes ratelling through my head.

The next morning I kind of forgot to wake up for class and aimlessly tried to get some reading in for my classes, can’t believe It is week 2 and I am already behind! Well that night me and my bud Michelle went to the City and Colour concert (I know it seems like I am going to lots but the reality is they just all landed in the same month).. City and Colour, aka Dallas Green has left me breathless ….I don’t know what to say! His words, his melodies, his voice, his ora, his everything was just perfect… Love him Love him Love him!

The next morning I woke up to find that my car had been broken into, I wasn’t even upset about it, I just felt violated! I had to wake my roommate up which was a bummer because I am sure she loves sleep just as much as me…well she came out with camera in hand and noticed in my back seat a variety of books talking about “ unjust society” you know my criminology books.. ha how convenient ! well like I said I am not upset, this doesn’t really seem like a big deal because it isn’t, I am glad they didn’t steal my baby, but I am not sure why they would want to since it is such a beater !

Well the best part of my day was coming home to find roses in my room from my roommate, who does that??? No one is my answer, yet here in my midst, in the room next door I have found one of a few and that gives me hope and makes me smile! I know its cliché but these darn little things are what make life worth while!


Trev & Rebekah said...

Nice place you live in. I had my car broken into once too and man did I ever feel violated. It was in the dead of winter too so I drove around with cardboard on my window for a few days. What a cold drive.

leah said...

I am impressed by City and Colour. I like, I like.

We need to see each other this weekend. ! Even if it's for a bit right?! AT least long enough for some coffee.