Nov 29, 2007

Stumbling Around in Circles

Things inspire me

Today I went to my schools coffee place and someone gave me this warm smile and this produced in me the desire to write my paper

Sine this person inspired me I started humming* to myself as I was walking to the 6th floor dungeon which is the SFU quiet study area which really isn’t that quiet after all

I hummed and totally forgot that others were walking up the stairs along side me probably wondering what the heck is this girl on?!?

Well if you ask, it’s a little inspiration!

So now I sit with my roommate trudging along in the desk behind me*, my Americano in one hand, and my brain in full gear to pull out 20 pages of words, words that need to mean something in the end.

*the song I was humming to is called “Some Hearts” Carrie Underwood but now I am humming to “Working 9-5” by Ms Dolly

* My roommate probably isn’t studying but actually worrying about her Georgia Straight Ad that came out today!

Ok so paper, yes paper !


Jenn said...

I totally needed that song - I was just about to put my face into my laptop... I'm not as worried about the boy as I am about my Kin 325 final - oh £%"*$! is how I feel as the time moves on - a week and a day from today I can't say a thing about it all, just know it's done. Oh well, right? Considering I have no idea of how I'm even doing in that class - ahaha maybe that's a good thing, if I did wellish on the midterm maybe I wouldn't be panicking - well back to 342 which I'm also screwed in - getting 70% is not good, not good at all Jenn - grr.

Anonymous said...


leah said...

where in the world did you find that picture?

Jenn said...

so it's love eh?