Nov 23, 2007

No smiling aloud !

Only two things inside my head at the moment

Simple no, tired yes!

Its 6 am and I am getting you your coffee so don’t you make me smile at you… I feel tired and yucky and your smiling my way and that doesn’t work in my mind at 6 am because all I am thinking about is coffee and sleep and now your smile!

My roommate thinks I fit into the category of vegetarian that the rest of the world thinks of as vegetarians…she had a word for the kinds of foods I eat as lacto eco neo vegetarian or something like that

So I bought some pork chops today while I was with her; she almost got a new basket for her stuff, then my drink spilt in her bag… maybe someone was trying to tell her something.

I eat meat but not cheese or any food that has a mushy texture.


Jenn said...

you spilled your non-vegan friendly drink in my bag on purpose? :(

LeahA said...

that someone wasnt implying how could i have done it on purpose, i didnt know my drink would end up in the bag you were carrying...i thought my drink was in my belly !