Oct 8, 2007

Blitzer !

Last night I had such a fun night. Me and Leah went to our friend Gloria’s place for a sleepover…Which started with us eating nachos, pulling our hair back, playing some Dutch blitz and then ending with a photo session and sleep then starting the next day with Timmy’s, more Dutch blitz and dancing around ! I don’t think I had laughed that much and so hard in a long time. These girls are big cheaters in Dutch blitz but that’s ok because my talent still surpassed their abilities in the end

I love dancing and Timmy’s and Gloria and my other half Leah… me and her ended the day with some intense studying time with added conversations about power imbalances and socio-economic status which pertain to both of our chosen fields !

Friends are lovely!

and roomates who love you no matter what you are wearing !


leah said...

That picture of me in the front looks like we're part of a girl band! We are so cute! I am glad you laughed tons the other nite, cuz I did too. And I'm sure Gloria did as well. What can you say... I guess hanging out with young hot 20 year olds like me is just plain GREATTTT! =)

LeahA said...

oh yes... just plain great !