Oct 29, 2007

I ended up buying a book while I was in the airport and I finished reading it before I got to Palm Beach. I bought the five people you meet in heaven, it was good a read for the airplane ! ( this is the city I was in..West Palm Beach)

( here is there backyard and me and Michelle on our way to the beach)

When I stepped out of the airport I hit a wall of humidity and thought “my hair, my face, the sweat…eeeeeew” and then quickly turned back into the building because I wasn’t ready; two minutes passed and I swiftly made my way to the air conditioned car.
While we were driving down the highway we noticed that in the right lane ( we were in the left lane) the car in front of us( about 5 car lengths in front of us) was trying to move into our lane…there was no one in front us so he had free take of all the available space but I guess the car decided not to follow through so we merrily continued chatting and driving and then suddenly we were one car length behind this car and the car decided to move into our lane but now we were right there, but the car didn’t stop moving so we had to drive on a diagonal and end up driving right off the road… I WAS FREAKED! Ted and Michelle were curing left and right because now we were no longer on the highway and the car was in a ditch and this is how I started my trip.

When we pulled into their neighborhood I have to admit that part of me wanted it…the big beautiful house, the gated community and the two cars, the palm trees, Joel Olsten theology, the sunshine (ok so while writing this is started a crazy rainstorm and I went out to play and now I am soaked) … I am too hungry to continue writing.. brb

English muffin finished! The first day here was beautiful and full of sunshine… I went bike riding with the kids, breakfast with Michelle and her Mom Elaine (who also came here the same day as me) and then dinner with the whole family at a BBQ Hut thing… it was all fun minus the fighting and running around of the kids !

The rest of the days here were pretty chill, we went to beaches and this thing called City place which is basically one big mall that is outdoors and circular filled with pretty lights and palm trees….at night it turns into a big club…The night we went for a stroll it was Halloween celebration night…which meant a light of scantly dressed girls… young girls… like 15.. I know it was stinkin hot but who lets there kid out wearing nothing, I felt as if they should be in Dora pj;s or something !

( Here is Cityplace and Andreana, one of the kids I use to look after)

I am going home today and happy about it, although my time here has been fun, it has been stressful! I think I may have developed lung cancer or something like from all the smoking that has happened with me stuck in the car with no escape..Here are some pictures of my time.. Unfortunately it wasn’t all that sunny but I guess I can’t have it all.

OK so i dislike putting pictures on here because it is such a hassle and this is one of the reasons they look so unorganized !

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