Oct 14, 2007

My Life Right Now through Pictures

So this post should start off with an Introduction to my roommate extrordinare ( I don't know how to spell and thats not the point of this blog, k !) She is a vegan, feminist, anti-religious, sarcastic, red headed ( non-natural) overly accepting, generous, cooker of my food and Jesus following friend person, just a wall away, she loves this picture of herself so i thought it would be best to use for her !

Here is Chow Chow, he is fierce and likes to stare at uswhen he is left outside, then he likes to bark at us , then after thats all done , we try to approach him and he runs away like he is about to be slaughtered or something !

Next we have the by-product of a 3 month City wide civic strike..isnt it a beauty !

Now in case you cant tell , these are leaves, they are crunchy and pretty and like to fall on my car all the time !

So halloween is in the air, Me and Jenn
were out for a walk the other day and this yard found us, maybe one day I will be one of those people filled with spirit and deciede to decorate my yard... but then again maybe I wont be.
This is me and Leah( otherwise known as Leah#2). She is kinda one of my fav people, but I dont like her knowing because sometimes her young age gets in the way of her thinking straight......


Jenn said...

yah, there is going to be garbage pick up tomorrow, no recycling though for the next two weeks - stinky - quite literally.

leah said...

PUNK PUNK PUNKKKKK!!! getting in the way of my thinking straight!!!! *shocked face and mouth wide open!

ya, ya, i guess i heart you too.

and you spelled extraordinaIre wrong.