Nov 6, 2007

Up to this Point

So love;

I was in love once or possibly twice, actually maybe I was in love once and have loved twice. Make sense?

I have been thinking about the relationships I have had with the opposite gender

The good ones
The long ones
The heartbreaking ones
The short ones
The confusing ones

My first boyfriend was my first love, or what I thought love was at that time. He was also my only real relationship relationship. I never expected it but it happened, I never thought about him until he asked me out. Ha I was young and things have changed.
I hope.
Let’s name him C.
We were young, things were intense. It went back and forth for 4 years until finally it dissolved…
With lots of tears.

The next person that caught my interest caught it for a year before anything took place. I liked him and wanted something to happen. In my head I figured something would.
He was everything C wasn’t. I was dating C when I met him.
I wasn’t allowed to date him because of the program I was in and because I was dating C.
We were friends. I liked him. I didn’t know he liked me. We dated for 3 months. He bought me a Canuck jersey, we are still friends. He was what I would call a ½ relationship relationship.
We will call him S.

I loved this next person. I never told him but he knew. I have never been treated better by anyone. He was genuine and sweet and maybe too good for me. He wanted me but I pushed him away because, well I am not sure right now.
Maybe because it was a summer thing?
Maybe it was because it was another Montréal thing?
I won’t ever know. He was what I would call my non relationship relationship. We were never actually going out.
His name will be R.

The last person I can actually consider as someone I was seeing took place in Quebec as well … (that province!)
He was in my French program. When I met him/saw him, I knew. I am not sure why I knew since he didn’t fit into any of the categories of “types” that I like. But I just did. Something happened; I say it was something good. I can’t define what we are because there is no definition really. And plus he doesn’t like that whole definition thing…whatever.
He was difficult. I was confused. He was smart. I was intrigued. It was the summer and it had to end. He was more of a non-relationship relationship but he was also less because there was hand holding.
He will be J.
I have no real reason for writing about these people besides the point that I wanted to. And this is about me doing what I want.


Jenn said...

yours is so polite - when you started writing yours I started writing one for me - and you know it's the polar opposite - I deleted mine rightfully so. These non-relationship relationships are apparently common...

Anonymous said...

i like your love blog. its pulls me in haha
i have many non-relationship relationships. very happy i am not the only one :)

Anonymous said...

its val by the way

Noah Balzer said...

im actually stunned about this post to tell u the truth. its one of ur more stunning ones id have to say. becuase i dunno it doesnt seem like sumthin ud usually right on these posts, but it was interesting and fer sure confused me. leaha ur money