Nov 18, 2007

Things I wasnt made for

As I was getting out of my beautifully warm shower just a moment ago I realized I wasn’t made for the cold! This got me thinking about other things I wasn’t made for;
• Cheese
• Bad breath
• Cars that don’t automatically fix themselves
• Bad odor
• Snoring
• Light stealers ( my father brought this to my attention this afternoon…the topic of boys being drawn to my “ light” and then stealing it)
• Mushy mushrooms
• Non mountain scenery
• Red lights
• Radar guns
• Cheese again ( believe me this is a strong point)
• 4 am mornings
• 3 am nights
• Dumb people… as in dumb ass people
• Horror films ( I was born with real bad things don’t go away from me memory syndrome)
• 20 days in a row of rainy days
• Cell phone that don’t work when they are suppose to
• -40 degree weather
• Any Colour other then the Colour purple
• Friends that never call until you call
• Milk based starbucks beverages…its soy all the way
• Apathy
And finally meanness and essays over 10 pages

And that is what I think about when I take warm showers!


noah said...

hahah oh man. first of all i love the pic to start it off. u come up with the most amazing things to talk about on her, it actually is sweet.
p.s. i never new ur favorite color was purple!

leah said...

I laughed for a good minute after seeing that picture.

leah said...

and your favourite colour is not purple!