Jan 8, 2008

First Day

Its the first day back at school and the same recurring feeling surges in my body that I wasnt made for school.

This feeling ushually appears during exams or essay writing

but here it is felt and I have yet to go to my first class.


leah said...

i love how you spelled usually darling. =)

Anonymous said...

school isnt for me either

juicyjay said...

Don't worry too much - western uni's are archaic relics of the past. They are hoops to jump through. for the majority of people who don't have a major passion or direction, school is like pulling teeth. Somebody's got to be in that big bump in the middle of the bell curve, eh?

LeahA said...

Nicely Put ! I dont belive that the passion I have is being further impassioned by this dang institution