Jan 3, 2008


Its 6 20 am and I am on my 30 min break from work already, sick eh !

So I have been thinking alot about this whole online dating buisness and how odd and exciting it all is. Because of the site I am talking to this really interesting person that I would have otherwise never talked to or probably even noticed. I am not sure what it all means or what will become of it. Sometimes I wonder if I have lost all my marbles, but then my roomate kinda reminded me that there is not much difference from talking to this guy then randomly meeting someone on the street. I actually probably know more about him then I do about a guy that comes into starbucks everyday, who could very well be a jerk! All I know is it is pretty interesting seeing how this type of relationship progress, I know it seems weird and unnatural but hmmm I dont know..... just thought I would share what I have been up 2 these last 3 days......its all just been a major welcomed distraction.


Jenn said...

I'm up and shoving my hot cereal down my throat wondering why the other boy hasn't emailed me - did it get lost in the wild world of cyberspace...

Regardless it's funny you mentioned it - because it was just on the news there's a new study indicating that while the popularity and success of online dating has surged, the percentage of women who feel comfortable owning to it hasn't it - there is still a stigma. It's funny when you think my mom got asked out randomly by my dad - he had been popping into her life like your smiley - she sure didn't know him. And really what would be worse - online or the bar?

leah said...

uhhhhhhhhhh..... i think the difference is that you dont see body language and facial expressions. and how do you really know if the picture he posted up is really him? or if he's really 95 when he says he's 24! sorry, but yes, the "stigma" of online dating is still being held by moi!