Jan 4, 2008

Stupid Online Dating Website

I can’t write anymore, an epidemic has hit.

All I can do is smile
and wonder
and then complain to Jenn that its all her fault that I am smiling all the time.

I like it I think
I am confused for sure.
I don’t know whats going to happen next.
I kinda wanna hug someone.
I don’t want to give into it.
I wanna beat myself up.
I wanna beat Jenn up.
I wanna beat up the boy that has me smiling too.

computers are whack !


Jenn said...

I will totally take a beating for this - this is good - and you can't deny it

LeahA said...

sure i can and i will , until it is all over !

Victoria said...

dude, this sounds like fun....waits to hear more.

LeahA said...

yes fun until i met an axe murdered or fall hopelessly in love...both these thing will lead to tradegy

Anonymous said...

hopelessly??? nah baby.....hopeFULLY :-)
tradedy??? Nope sweety.....enjoyment and warmth

-boyfriend EH

shamalamadingdong said...

soooo.......Baby, sweety, hotty, wonderfull, beautifull......... which is it? Ha ha I don't even own an axe, and that only leaves one of the two options. And tragedy is no-where in site:)