Mar 6, 2008

DanG Cold

I have a cold
or the begining or something turning into a cold

its pooey

my head is pulsing
my throat is sore
my ears are aching

whomever gave it to me will be found
I wasnt made for sickness :P

All I want is some tea, some warm arms and maybe a few advil ( if the warm arms dont do the trick)


leah said...

feel better, wash your hands, and sleep lots!

Jenn said...

ya I've got the death flu so I'm sorry these arms are cold and I'm germmie - as to the whole sleep thing - that would be great if you aren't forced to work...

Jesse said...

ahh poor sister..i have just a mild arms are still warm
love you lotss

LeahA said...

booo to sickness i say !

Shawn said...

I think I know who to blame for the germs. It's pure speculation though.