Mar 3, 2008


I feel as if everything I was resisting has slowly melted away

I don’t have words to express what’s going on inside of me but its brilliant and beautiful and part of me wants to keep it secret but I cant because its written all over me,

on my face
in my presence
in my walk
in my eyes

I cant find the words to express myself because I don’t feel like they will be enough but I cant keep it quiet….

hmmm maybe I will just hug my roommate or my pillow or this warm cup of coffee in my hand ( Ya Ya i realize none of those things make noise but whatever)


Shawn said...

is that what it looks like where you guys live? It's amazingly beautiful.

LeahA said...

Yes :) it is the beautiful land that we call BC!

Anonymous said...

BC EH!!! He who took this photo would like to agree that BC is grand.....almost as scenic as my anacortes. What a crazy sunny rainy day that was louie! And this blog.....I know exactly how you are feeling and I quite love it :) xoxoxxoxoxo


Anonymous said...

"so brown eyes i hold you near cause you're the only sound i want to hear a melody soaring softly through my atmosphere"

thoughtfull plagiarism


LeahA said...

Can someone say

"blush blush"

Thomas said...


Jesse said...

heyy leaha where was that picture taken??
love ya.<3

Jesse said...

heyy leaha where was that picture taken??
love ya.<3

Anonymous said...

Jesse-Horseshoe bay or cove or something like that. Louie-How do you like me commenting on your comments and answering the questions of your commenters, comment back mmmkay? WOOT

comment by

-an anonymous American commenter

LeahA said...

OB---- shuushh you, I LOVE IT..

Jess it was at Horseshoe bay...

and Tim took it...

Thomas, Morning Back at ya ;)

Jesse said...

ahh thanks thats a really nice picture....i wish i was there to take a picture but thats okayy