Mar 25, 2008

Phone Time

You ever meet someone that you knew in the depths of who you are that you were/are suppose to know them? That person that makes you feels warm and alive and thankful because you get to be around them. Well I have someone in my life that I feel so grateful to know and knowing them is only possible because we both listened to something that told us to take a step and obey the voice of god in our lives.

This isn’t a romantic boy/girl relationship that I am talking about, but a deep rooted friendship with someone I have known for about four years. My friend Kat has been in my head for a while, my thoughts have been that I should just call her and make a date to hang out but often I just tell myself that I will do it later and then I forget, get distracted, get busy and the moment passes. Today I decided that I would not let the moment pass and called my friend. I phoned and we talked, we didn’t have any amazing heart wrenching conversation, nothing significant went down… but we talked.

Talking to Kat reminded me how grateful I am to know her, truthfully speaking she is one of my favorite people and I wish I could introduce her to everyone I know. She is one of those people that inspire me to press on, to stand for what I believe, to love, to give and to live unselfishly, and she does this by the way she lives her life. I think the difference between her and other people that I know is that I respect her and somehow that changes everything.

Being her friend makes me want to be a better friend, if I could only be a glimpse of light to the people around me like the light she is to me my heart would be satisfied.

Having great friend’s displays to me the impact that we can have with the people in our lives…we have the opportunity to be a positive and loving presence in peoples lives and this excites and freaks me out because there are so many hurting and fragile, so many who feel abandoned and depressed and it is so easy to judge instead of love and unfortunately I feel that I don’t love with the capacity that I have been given and I don’t want to be like that…. I want to be generous with my love, with my time…. with my life because when I really think about it my life was redeemed, I was bought with a heavy price and I do not want to take that for granted.

This is why I am glad I talked to my Kat.


Jenn said...

Yay, from all the wonderful things I hear about her, I am also glad you have her for a friend.

anon4him said...

The way you talk about your friend Kat reminds me of the way my friend Charlie makes me feel. He just lives his life with so much love and purpose. He's really an inspiration to me.

online boy said...

What you just wrote is heavy in my mind as well. The ability to influence, uplift, and improve others is within each of us. Too often potential for this is missed or wasted or overlooked in most of our "busy" little lives. Of course there are many many causes and reasons for this but Ive decided that in my case it purely sifts down to one horrifying element...selfishness....- 1 peter 1:22-selfish... It's the last thing that I want to be. Help me lord to set myself aside when others can benefit from you through me.
So Leaha the biggest conviction in this arena came last weekend with you and my brothers on the Baker trip...namely with my brother Dustin. He needs companionship and to feel included. I wasn't helping at all. Anoying people need love too hahaha. There I go judging...Oh how I need grace. Thank you heavenly father for your grace.
Yes friends, thank you Jesus for your wonderfull people!!


LeahA said...

thank Goodness for people who show us the love of GOD through their kindess :)

noah said...

that is sooo money, fer sure sum phone calls i can think of that i should/could make. sweet blod by the way, fer sure my fav this month, all time fav tho, i found it, jan 29th...hahaha

Katrina Janzen said...

Wow Leaha. can't wait 'til the 4th.

Shawn said...

I was bummed to not see Kat meow here on the comments.

Jesse said...

wow makes me want to phone some friends that i should hang out with more often they were there threw some pretty tough times with me