Mar 10, 2008

Let us imagine

Just two random “let us imagine’s”

Lets just imagine for a second that you were someone that I was serving at my store, here are a few pointers to make your time around me more pleasant!

1) Do not caress my hand when I am passing you your drinks ( I don’t know you, I don’t know where your hands have been, I don’t want your hands touching me)
2) Do not talk on your cell phone ( Come on now that is just plane rude, I am a person too, I exist, don’t you pretend that I don’t or else I may have to do something to your drink)
3) Eye contact please 
4) Men don’t be all flirty with me while your ladies are in the car sitting next to you, because you wanna know what that does to me? It brings a scowl to my face and no one wants to see that
5) Say thank you, ok so I know you just paid for your drink and have no real reason to say thank you, but its just common courtesy and who knows maybe the next time you come in we will treat you extra nice and give you free things ( manners go a long LONG way)

Now lets imagine you are someone who lives with me, these are the things you would know that most others don’t;

1) When I get in the first thing I say is “I neeeeeeed to get out of my clothes”, this happens no matter what I am wearing.
2) If my keys are missing, it is your fault
3) I love love love love drinking tea
4) I cant do anything productive in my room besides sleeping
5) I love having my bed made no matter how messy the rest of my room is
6) If my cell phone is missing, it is also your fault
7) What else is your fault? Well if I am gaining weight, that is too since it is your food I am eating
8) When I am not eating your food, I eat like a university student
9) I love touch and this is more noticeable in a home setting
10) Bread is mhmmmmmm yummy and that’s why it will always take up the most room In the freezer
11) I cant make a decent cup of coffee to save my life
12) I am always in a big rush, running from one place to the next to the next
13) And finally I love mugs ;)

p.s my mind has been feeling kinda empty lately, can someone fill it up?


Jenn said...

It is always my fault and I'm okay with that - about the work thing - I completely agree.

LeahA said...

hahahah it was pointed specifically at you ... and i guess i cant blame you since i willingly give in.

anon4him said...

hmm... I'm glad I don't live with you! I don't like things to be my fault ^_^

LeahA said...

i just like to pass the blame Anon..hahah

leah said...

youre so cute ;)

online boy said...

grrrrrr boys touching tour hands. verrry grrrrrrr. creepy baby

can i hold your hand???


LeahA said...

yes hold my hand please !

Anonymous said...

ur waaay too strict as a starbucks cashier... :P

LeahA said...

hahahahahahahhahaha Noah