Apr 22, 2008

Embarrassed Much?

Taking out your retainer for fear that your new boyfriend will think you’re a geek for wearing one and then realizing you lost it and go crazy trying to discover it only to find out that he found it below the seat of his car.*

Going on your fist date with someone and having each moment perfect then while have a lovely mug of hot chocolate you move your hand spasmodically and dump your hot chocolate on him

Going to the bathroom at your boyfriend’s house after drinking a high fiber drink and being on the road for well over an hour to realize that the toilet won’t flush* and it wasn’t just number 1 that ya did!

Do you remember when you were young and you use to read those embarrassing stories (maybe you still are young, and maybe you still do read them) in magazines such as Seventeen and Teen and be thankful that none of them ever happened to you, well my friends I am an embarrassing moment waiting to happen, or waiting to be discovered. The three written above are just a few that have happened upon me, and of course while I was with a boyfriend/guy at the occurrence. I know I am not the only one that things such as these or worse happen to, so if something’s happened to you why you don’t share it so that I don’t have to feel so foolish and can have someone to laugh at for once!

*1.he was sweet about it, he found it early on in my search and after I had ravaged his car without any luck, he innocently got me to re-look in his car because he had put it back so I wouldn’t have to feel so embarrassed, but my unobservant self overlooked it, so he finally fessed up that he had found it because I was about to order a new one from my ortho… did I mention that my retainer was leopard print?

*2. I tried and tried and tried for a long time to use the plunger and fix the toilet but had no such luck; my arms are just not powerful enough to unclog the clogyness. So I humbly invited my boyfriend in to help who was trying from the beginning to fix the problem…but no I am girl and I am tough and my face gets red real quick !


o b said...

This verse comes from profound inspiration and is one which i've been constructing since the moments of reading this wonderfull blog for which multiple kudos go out to its beautifull and talented author whome I love.


-my toilet

anon4him said...

I wish I could tell you a really embarrassing story, but I can't remember right now... I think I tend to put them the furthest from my mind after they happen

cheryl said...

the magazine YM baby. oh yeah. that was the only reason it was worth buying.