Apr 1, 2008

Late Night Mind Work

Sometimes too many thoughts interfere with my sleep, take last night for example I ended up going to sleep around 3 am and waking around 730 am ish all because my mind was over active.
There wasn’t really anything deep occurring, just the regular run of the mill things like

“Why do pillows feel the best when you HAVE to wake up for something?”
“Why is a yummy egg really a fetus?”
“How can I steal my roommates clothing without her noticing”
“How come hearsay law has so many exceptions?”
“Why can’t broccoli smell as good as muffins when they are being baked?”
“Why do we call a shirt a shirt?”
and finally
"Will I always hate alarm clocks?"

Stupid things keeping me up at stupid hours!

Today I went out with my Mentor Jodi for some coffee/chat time, it was good
She asked me questions
I answered
She gave me things to think about *
I am thinking about them now

Now at least it is not so stupid thoughts keeping my up at stupid hours which unfortunately have to happen the night before my 4 45 am shift!

*Ok so among the things she gave me to think about; faith, love, dad, future, grace and school my mind has these lyrics playing on repeat

“You're so cute when you're slurring your speech,
But they're closing the bar and they want us to leave”
Death Cab for Cutie

I don’t know why it has to be at this point in the song that my mind starts working and remembering, but it is and I like it….


Jenn said...

I think someone was trying to get us to talk Monday night - I couldn't sleep either - questions. As to the roommate's clothes - hmmm, I'm not sure, maybe recognize she's OCD and has a visual memory of her closet - so if it looks disorganized when you leave - I'll know.

An egg is a unfertilized pre-fetus thing - thus the stinky and as to broccoli - as it is from the cabbage family - it was always be stinky too - pooey.

LeahA said...

i will remember that you have that ocd problem ... i swear i think people like you hunt me down, it appears that OB may be a little anal... ( not saying that you are jenn)

thanks for the clarifications on the egg thingy...kinda makes me not want to eat one and eat your yummy looking cupcakes instead

Jesse said...

i dont like those kind of nights because many questions go unanswered

Anonymous said...

leaha ur soo picky with ur food. thinkin is sweet tho, i love thinking.
p.s. i hate forced comments, do u force everyone?

LeahA said...

Noah I try not to force anyone...but If I know they want to do something but are just scared I like to help them along, and there aint nothing wrong with that :)

onlineboy said...


This comment given by O B who is NOT anal! When baking cookies one MUST adhere without alteration or modification of any kind, to the specifications and parameters within the recipe written on the bag of chocolate chips. P.S. sorry about your hockey team the other night EH. Tee hee hee:)

love, tim XOXO

LeahA said...

winners or loser my hockey team is still the radest team around. The sport of hockey far outweighs any other type of sport, or thing that people call a sport... i.e GOLF

Baking is all about experimenting eh, hmm and thats why I LET me roomate do it :)

Shawn said...

That's why I take Ambien.

LeahA said...

I think I ought to try some, but I am not to sure what it is, so maybe its not such a good idea, and I think Jenn said she had some herby stuff here that might work