Apr 2, 2008

Four Days too Long

Hypothetically speaking, wouldn't you agree that being away from someone that you love for an extended time ( lets say 4-5 days) would kinda be a tad bit poooey?


Anonymous said...

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
I miss you too

-till friday

Shawn said...

I don't miss anyone...is that wrong?

Jenn said...

Yes and or No - Depends is there someone in your life that makes you smile like crazy, get butterflies and run around your house like a giggly school girl at times? If not then your good, if you said yes then I would wonder why your not missing someone.

LeahA said...

Jenn !!!

Your not talkin bout me are ya? Cause I do not run around my house!

You know what Shawn missing somoene doesnt always feel so good, I am not complaining or anything but sometimes I just want the missing feeling to be disintegrated by being around the person that is missed, but what really happens is that missing sensation is only built when I get to be around them more... GAHHH

but No, i wont complain

Jesse said...

yes i kinda think that because I have'nt seen you in awhile...love you lots

LeahA said...

well then Jesse wont you be suprised later on ;)

Love you like no other :)

Jesse said...

im very happy you came by =]

LeahA said...

I am very happy we got some time together... GIRL u needa clean your room though :P

LOveeee u

Valeria. said...

but i like what 'till friday' wrote.

its cool that you have someone to miss.


whats beautiful (irony again? since missing can be painfull at times) is that they miss you too.


Jesse said...

haha yeah i know its mega messy i think im going to clean today or tomorrow

loveeee yoouu lottss ttoo

Anonymous said...

I love me some Louie
She always smells fine
she loves me lots too-E
so this is her rhyme

Her eyes are so deep
on my heart's strings she tugs
She brings so much life
to my scene with her hugs

I thank my sweet Jesus
for such a sweet looker
how can it be that
no other has took her?

Single was she when
a mingle we did then
date and a hug
and some quality time

baking and hiking and
talking did we
then she bled on my rug
broke the glass from her wine

poor little lee lee
I felt like a jerk
she smells like some beans
when she gets home from work

I love her so much
and her accidents too
I love that she left here
with only one shoe

If you see her today
you should tell her she rocks
I'll bet you will find her
with unmatching socks

she'll be living and loving
and laughing and looking
whatever you do
don't let her do the cooking

of course I am kidding
alot of the time
I B stretching the truth
just to make it all rhyme

this is the end
tell her hi if ya seen her
my lovely leetard
my lil' sweet beaner


Jenn said...

I agree about not letting her do the cooking - not until she passes my cooking school at least - unfortunately LeeLee with a sharp knife may result in more blood shed so you have been warned

LeahA said...

Ob--- WOW you are pretty rad you know ! Your on the rad level that deserves their own blog...timmylandblogspot.... DO IT!

JennE is watching you cook the same as cooking?

Anonymous said...

no warning necessary, I have experienced firsthand the danger of Leaha coupled with that which is sharp....in fact objects that are not sharp in their natural state are potential hazards as they can be made sharp by a simple Louie encounter. I love Louie!!! EH

p.s. Leaha: I don't think that I want my own blog. I don't have enough knowlege or enough to say. Besides I enjoy traversing your blog barriers and creating procrastination in liminality. I had to use dictionary and thesaurus assistance to raise that phrase:-)

But if you'd like me to stop with the longwinded comments on here Lee Lee my hunny, I could chill:P


LeahA said...

nope, dont ever chill baby boo