Apr 17, 2008


Why does inspiration for something have to come so late?

Right now my body is on high caffeine alert, even driving didn’t feel right, nor does typing since neither of these move fast enough

I am hungry, and all day I have been craving a burger but I wont give in, I wont! Cause I am sure that once I give in the first time I will continue to give in again and again and this will not lead to me being a self controlled human being when it comes to fast food so instead I vowed to myself and Val that I would eat at home, and eat something lovely indeed…

I like to follow through with what I say as well… so here is proof I came home to eat deliciousness

Kinda makes you wanna come over for dinner and enjoy some eh, along with the company of me right? Sheeesh I impress myself sometimes!

Sick I have an exam in two days, please Saturday dont come ( actually do come but make me brilliant before you get here) ...Sick sick sick I don’t want to do it, I can’t do it, I shouldn’t do it yet I have to do it….

maybe eating will make me less annoyed with the lack of disciple I have had towards studying and hopefully it will make me less jittery ….yes less jittery is what I need before I head to the library right near where I live….

ps. the orange stuff is food colouring wrapped around a yummy moist ( but non mushy) noodle as well as some solid white tuna surrounded my some lovely red raspberries!


anon4him said...

wow... I never would have thought to put those ingredients together! How did they taste?

LeahA said...

Oh my, like a magical creation...you should try it sometime.... I basically got all the food groups; fruit, meat, wheat and pretend dairy :)

Jenn said...

This is what happens when I'm not there to cook I see...

I'm sorry LeeLee I am, wow

anon4him said...

haha, pretend dairy... nice

Valeria. said...

lets have another date
maybe not study though.
we chat too much hahaha
but after your exams.
greys anatomy + food = goodtimes.

noah said...

leaha, that is sooo disgusting! k well u better b dun that vow by the grad trip!! IN-N-OUT BURGER!!!! YEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!