Apr 7, 2008


I love faces

The design of them
The complexity of them
The beauty of them

I like to look at and watch peoples faces which I admit can be a bit creepy because most people think I am looking at them and I guess I am but then I am not, at least not in the way they probably imagine. I almost feel like I am looking at something deeper then the image my eyes are seeing.

Their wrinkles, scars, eyes and marks are telling me a story about a life that doesn’t require words but causes me to wait and wonder.

I love faces.

A couple years back I was reading a book called “Practicing the Presence of People” and the author talked about his love of malls because he could people watch and therefore fall in love with a creation that is the bearer of the image of God. That thought permeated within me because this is what I want to do, love people. Watching faces helps facilitate that for me because when I look at someone faces it makes me wonder about their story, about their life, about their struggle and wondering leads to life and life to grace and grace to love. To be honest judging people has become to easy for me which is counterintuitive to loving in the first place because “ when we judge people we have no time to love them” (Mother Theresa) and I want to love;

The scars
The wrinkles
The beauty
The story
And most importantly the person.


Valeria. said...

i like faces too.


LeahA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LeahA said...

Awwwww Shucks Val

Thanks for dropping by today with the gang, it was SWEET !

Love you Girl :)

Anonymous said...

your face is RAD


Jesse said...

i have to agree with tim and val here leaHa it is pretty awesome
i like lloking a people's faces just to think onhow they got to their point in life...
lovee you lotss

noah said...

sweeeet blog, hahah oh man, i can just picture u at starbucks staring at ppls faced when they r ordering sumthin. i love ppl/face watchin aswell haha. also k that is sooo brutal when comments get deleted, im such a curious person and it always makes me wanna no who its from wat it said and y it was deleted!!!

LeahA said...

Noah I do look at peoples faces at starbucks but that can get a bit more akward since most people who go there, go there often...and dont worry about being curious cause the deleted comment is none ofya Buisness...

Timmy, your face is rad too and so are your ears

JAR- love u

Jess said...

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