Feb 27, 2008


Equation for a good night

Comfy Clothing
Glass of Wine
and a Good Book !


anon4him said...

That sounds like a pleasant way to spend your evening... though unvariably I would like sunshine, comfy clothes, hot chocolate and friends :-) But when the rain comes, so be it

Anonymous said...

keep it too one glass aite

Anonymous said...

sounds good leaha..don't drink too much.dont want to wake up with a headache.
-your lil big sis-

LeahA said...

I actually didnt end up drinking the wine but instead some extra pulp orange juice that really didnt have the extra pulp..boooo

leah said...

WRITE A BLOGGGG PUNK! =) tell me how awesome this weekend has been for yoU! i loved seeing you all smiley and happy!

Anonymous said...