Feb 6, 2008

About a boy

So conversations

My dad has been gone for a couple weeks, in a couple weeks things can change.

Me: DAAAAAD, how are you?
Dad: Tired, How are you? You sound good.
Me: Dad, things are pretty sweet.
Dad: That’s good, what have you been doing lately, school and work I suppose?
Me: Yes School and work. Well Dad to be honest I kind of met someone
but please don’t worry.
Dad: Hmmm did you meet him at church?
Me: umm no, at Starbucks
Dad: He asked you out at work?
Me: No, but I met him at a Starbucks
Dad: So he is not a customer?
Me: No
Dad: How did you meet him?
Me: How did I meet him (Jenn starts laughing), well umm dad randomly, I think
It would be better to talk about this in person.
Dad: I can come right now?
Me: DAD!
Dad: Ok well is he a Christian at least?
Me: Definitely
Dad: Where does he live?
Me: In the states, not to far away
Dad: The states! Have you been driving slowly?
Me: Of course dad
Dad: LeahA just take it slow, there are so many fish in the sea
Me: Dad I am in the basket
Dad: You are in the basket
Me: Yes I am in the basket
Dad: You’re kind of a little young to be dating, no?
Me: Dad I am going to be 24 in a month!
Dad: Are you sure? Well I will pick you up for coffee tomorrow ok!
Me: Dad don’t worry, I am in the basket and I love you.
Dad: I am going to pray, text me later to say goodnight.
Me: Goodnight.


Online boy said...

Oh boy...GULP Hey Leebaby, at least you didnt meet me somewhere weird like on the worldwide web or something rediculous like that TEE HEE A tisket a tasket leelees in the basket. WOOT WOOT It makes me happy that u told your dad about me:)

Jesse said...

haha your in a basket???? im confuzzled..explain this to me. umm how never mind. hope things are going well =] love you baby girl.

Jenn said...

Yes you are in the basket - in there tight

anon4him said...

your dad is sweet... even willing to pick up the coffee for you ;-)

Anonymous said...

wat the heck does u r in the basket mean?? is that like a term they used to use or sumthin, cuzz that just absolutely stunns me!! and it cracks me up ur dad is worried about u driving slow, jus wait till i meet him, i dunno wat he'll do when he heres about ur texting habits!!

LeahA said...

So what does it mean to be put in a basket by ones father?

Well My dad likes to worry ALOT and to be honest it annoys me and makes it impossible to tell him anything...I told him this and that he needed to trust that I would be alright, so one day as we were driving he told me he had "put me in the basket" as Moses's parents put him in the basket so he wouldnt be harmed..they had faith that he would be taken care of, so this is my dads way of being secure about me and the life I am living.

Anonymous said...

man, then thats REALLY a term they used to use! lol

aww ur dad sounds so sweeet! i laughed when he asked how fast you were driving.
AW LEAHA! I LOVE YOU! and your basket. and your starbucks boy. and your dad and starbucks (just the cookies though) and jen laughing.

that is all.

Shawn said...

I just want to say "as someone who really doesn't know you, or your dad for that matter, that was absolutely beautiful, seriously beautiful." Maybe you have to be a guy to appreciate what your father was really saying there...

tanner said...

shit... you are turning 24 next month! how could i almost have forgotten????!