Feb 13, 2008

Woot Woot

So I was thinking about C and the relationship that I had with him for four years of my life and to be honest it was wonderful, beautiful, intense, enjoyable, draining, mad and well pretty great, I thought we would be together “forever” and that’s what almost happened. As I have talked to friends over the past couple years about what I experienced I have come to realize that even though what we had was awesome it wasn’t what was suppose to be. With all the love I had towards him, with all the great memories and passion it still wasn’t right, i wasnt in love with him. For a year of my life I tried to get out, I never had a concrete reason I just knew I needed out, I knew that something just didn’t sit well inside of me and that I was losing what it was that made me me, so I prayed and prayed and eventually found myself living 2000 miles away with three girls but still deeply connected to him… I didn’t understand it beyond the fact that he was great and I was a chicken …but why do I talk about this?

well as I was thinking this through it occurred to me that with all the things that were great in our relationship, he still wasn’t the person for me and this brings me to the thought that if I could have an amazing relationship with someone who isn’t right for me, how much more amazing will it be when the person is right!

This thought excites me!

I dont know what the future has in store but I know that there is plan that is far beyond anything that I can imagine and that what I want to live in, his plan.

My roomate was playing this song and it seemed fitting, or something close to fitting...its just good and cheerful and it makes me want to give love away.


LeahA said...

Jenn you gave me the repeat button pressing syndrome for this song...DANGGGGGG IT

Jesse said...

i dont know what to say to this leaha =[ i feel bad

LeahA said...

dont feel bad... its GOOD!

Valeria. said...


thats all i gotta say to that.

Anonymous said...

Amen sista' to the "How incredible can it get when it's RIGHT, or approved by our FATHER" It's exciting to think about I agree WOOT to the WOOT!!!! Oh and you are female, therefore the "repeat button" is no stranger to you with your music. Girls seem to be able to listen to the same song over and over and over an.....How do ye all do this? :-)

-anonymos down hwy. 20

Jenn said...

Honestly about the repeat button, I have no idea - we are an odd group - but darn, the song is awesome Leaha, tis - Love the blog - I'm so happy when you blog - and no don't worry doesn't sound like you think it did - and ya can you tell me now what my gift is?

Just kidding - seriously hold it in.

anon4him said...

You give me hope. I had quite an amazing relationship with quite an amazing young man, but he left. So if that's not what God has for me, maybe he's got something better.

Jesse said...

mkayy i wont feel bad