Feb 4, 2008

Sweetness :)

How does ones day get better?

First--- really simple things make me smile so today at work I was really cold because I was working at the window that never closes because it’s a frikin drive thru Starbucks that I work at and I wasn’t able to leave so my friend Arthur went without me noticing and brought me my jacket …then the smile that I already had plastered on my face became brighter!

Second--- I get to see “online boy” today and that makes my knees a little weak!

Third--- Getting to talk to my roommate and have her listen to me…. I am pretty sure I am getting annoying but there she still stands and smiles and I think that is just wonderful



anon4him said...

Sounds like your day is going pretty sweet ^_^

Jenn said...

You listen to me, I listen to you and sweetness is the perfect way to describe today.

1. Roommate delivered awesome Starbucks and Orange juice to my door

2. Listened to my rave about "Three"

3. Three made me almost die of laugher and joy and peace - most of all peace - like something that fits... crazy I know