Feb 12, 2008

Dddddriving !

1)I need some new driving music since driving is the 3rd most thing I seem to be doing with my time, so help me out…… what kind of music would you want to drive to ( or be a passenger to for my non driving friends) ?
(Kat I want your opinion 2 since you are one of my fav driving peeps)

2)I received this email below on Friday….

yo girl.

this is a personal question and i hope you don't mind and get mad. If you don't want to disclose, please don't. i mean no disrespect to you and if this hurts my apologies. Are you Two-spirited like me. I was just wondering. I"m glad we're facebok friends and do consider you a good friend. i'm not on campus that much anymore, and miss you all. gotta run girl. Hugs.

Now I have to admit it gave me a chuckle but it also got me wondering if I do act in a way that make others believe I am two spirited…I think maybe I will stop hugging and smiling so much…..

at least for the rest of the day…

ok so i have thought about it a little more and I don’t know if that will work out because well someone has me smiling already… we can call him boyfriend…hmm yes boyfriend..


Katrina Janzen said...


the two Most Played CD's in my car are.... "9" by Damien Rice and "In Rainbows" by Radiohead. Car music is usually pretty chill....but then, I'm not really up on the music scene. Those are good though. Speaking of music, you my dear, need to send my some good running music...some of your pop/gospel/hip-hop/club music stuff. something with a good beat.


Anonymous said...

(1) I have tons of tunes, and by the time I see you again I will have formulated a CD full of excellent music perfect for a drive north on Interstate 5. tee hee!
(2) Two-spirited......hmmmmmmm nope, from my perspective you my dear apear to like boys...however I have never been around u with your girlyfriends....But if you stop smiling and hugging, I will be forced to kick your cute little bootay back into being your lovely and huggable self. woot woot --


Anonymous said...

ummmm typo----North on I-5??? No no that's all wrong, I like you traveling south on that road...... On your trips to America the north part is the sad part for me, so your CD will be for driving south on interstate 5:)

Anonymous said...

Whats two spirited? like a lesbian? sorry i am not savvy in this area lol. never heard that expression before. mmm music is my boyfriend.
try finding 'all my time' by lauryn hill. anything by lauryn hill really..
um... the eagles, hotel california.
joshua radin is good.
ahahah that song "take a look at my girlfriend, shes the only one i got ladadada" i like that song.


anon4him said...

I personally like Stellar Kart and Sanctus Real to listen to while driving--Switchfoot is another good one. That's really a style that not too many people share though, but whatever ^_^