Feb 26, 2008


Dear Me

Why do you always leave things to the last minute?
Why do you not say what you’re feeling?
Why won’t you just start liking cheese?
Why do you eat those vegan brownies when you promised yourself you wouldn’t?
Why don’t you spend more time doing what you love?
Why don’t you phone people back when you say you’re going to?
Why aren’t you nicer to your sister?
Why do you not dream of your wedding like every other girl in the world?
Why do apples taste so DANG good?
Why do you let him know that he makes you tingle?
Why don’t you start being more open?
Why don’t you spend more time with your Leah, Kat, Michelle, Morena and Jenn?
Why do you treat your baby, aka Petey, aka Car so bad by not cleaning it?
Why don’t you let yourself sleep more?
Why do you love coffee so much?
why do you love toast so much ( not bread but TOAST)?
and finally self why do you have to get old?


anon4him said...

You have to get older, but you never have to get old. Think about it :-)

Jenn said...

questions to add for me:

Why does he do that to my heart but I can't tell him - the good and the bad?
Why is it easy for him to call me babe and I can't muster anything?
Why does jealousy hurt the accused and not the accuser?

Shawn said...

I wonder if God laughs at us, in a loving father type of way, when we ask question like this?

LeahA said...

Anon I will think about it, but I will do it with a frown :P

Jenn if you cant say the good and the bad whats the point?

Shawn , GOD better be laughing at us!

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