Feb 2, 2008


So it’s Saturday

The day I meet him The person who has stolen my sleep, my smiles, my thoughts and text messages
The person that I want to like as much in person as on paper

I guess I am at that point where I am not really scared about meeting him but more so about liking him …. I meet people everyday and it is always great

One of my “kids” told me once that whoever I end up going out with will have to be pretty awesome, and I would like to agree with that…. I actually do agree with it for two reasons

1) If they aren’t I have too many friends who will let me know their thoughts about it and I want to spare my ears the trouble

2) Only awesome people can see my draw…hahahahah (kidding)

I gotta stop with this seriousness for a bit….. So with that being said I am going to go and doll up my bedroom eyes (thank you partners at work for that name), eat a bowl of cereal, drink some warm water and continue getting dressed!

Oh yes and I can’t forget….. Make myself smell like something fabulous!

and plus if it doesnt work out i can still have him


Jenn said...

aww, it will be fun - you know regardless Jordan and I had fun - just embrace the day - and see what happens

tanner said...

have FUN darlin'!

Shawn said...

Hope y9ou have a blast, and if he's smart he will have a blast.

LeahA said...

Guys its going well...at least I think it is... well I know it is..and your right Shawn, if he is smart he will have a blast too..hahahah

anon4him said...

Love Spell is always a fabulous scent... for the future or whatever

Jenn said...

it's Sunday now - what's happening?

sleepless with optimism said...

Hey you sneaky little sneeker you...you got on here and commented to your commenters at 7:21 and I never even saw you using the computer :)
Yes I had a wonderfull time with you, and yes you smelled/looked/WERE/ARE incredible!!! I can't wait to see you again and feel exremely blessed because I know that I don't have to woot woot!!!

LeahA said...

Darling I think you were outside doing something...and I think you know what that something is :P

LeahA said...

Anon4him --- I dont believe in love, i think it just kills you slowly.....

ok so maybe thats a lie but somebody told that once as i was going through a breakup and so it stuck with me :)

Fidalgo Island said...

Leaha your friend is talking about a fragrance by victorias secret, not love in general you silly sally....ok maybe you knew that but i just wanted to comment, and make it seem like i know things about stuff EH? haha As for love in general poo poo on the idea that it kills one slowly...poo poo i say! :)

tanner said...

hahaha.... he's a user of EH! eh?!! i think you just lost punk! =) i want to talk to you!!!!!