Feb 3, 2008

The Sunday after Saturday

I apologize in advance for this not being a very engaging blog !



Actually I don’t know how to write about the date because part of me feels that if I do I will not serve the day any justice in my explanation but I also don’t think its fair to not explain to you what a very awesome first date looks like.

In true girl fashion I am still trying to process things since it has yet to be a full day since the adventure ended.

Let me just say these 3 things;

-I arrived there at 9 30am ish and by 1pm I was complaining about how fast the time was passing by ( and gosh dang it 14ish hour together didnt seem like enough..haha)

-After a month of talking everyday any of my expectations were totally blown away (even if he did make me use an outhouse and cut my hand)


-The whole date I was filled with butterflies right up until the bitter end.

I think I may write more later when things are less fuzzy and I have more sleep in my system!


leah said...

shreeeeeek.... eeeek.

LeahA said...

Leah !

Dont worry if anything happens with me and T you will not be neglected baabbey !

You coming tonight?

leah said...

hmmm... almost forgot about the neglected part. BETTER NOT NEGLECT ME LEAHA. or else i'll cry and cry and cryyyyy, shedding buckets and buckets of tears that i will then pour on your head.

jesse said...

aww poor baby you had to use an outhouse and you cut your hand
need more info please =]
i love you leaha

anon4him said...

Sounds like a lovely time!... but he did cut your hand ... that's a bad move ;-)

the one in question said...

You scored multiple points just for going into that outhouse at the lake, and additional gold stars for actually using it, even though the entire time you could be heard through the vent chanting "this is nasty this is naaasteee!!" Such a trooper baby! Oh the cut on your hand....lowtop chucks for hiking on muddy trails...hmmmm seems like a possible slipping and catching yourself with your hand against a sharp rock type of self inflicted hazard to me :) I should have been holding your hand.

P.S. Hurry up and return to me (I thought you were wonderfull via voice and data, but now.......There will be no substitute for leelee in the real. From my perspective of our time together; to say that I was pleasantly suprised would miss in accuracy...perhaps pleasantly amazed?

Jenn said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW *claps hands and smiles* AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Leatard!!!

"Online Boy" said...

LEATARD hahaha haa hee hee
Tim Hansen<---combusting with laughter: Jenn-soooo funny for remembering that one!! Awesome :)

tanner said...

oMOGOSH! leahaaa.... i'm shreaking even moreeeeee. =) hearts!! you know he needs to meet your friends soon eh! punk!

LeahA said...

So "online boy" thats why you decieded to write that comment, so you could win the approval of my only 2 friends ( well the only ones that matter).... Your comment was awesome..thanks ( and you should have been holding my hand punk) :) :) :)

Jenn--you cant call me that...for goodness sakes he cant call me that...

Leah dont use EH around this boy,he thinks we talk about it...and we ( meaning me) doesnt use that word..

heart heart back at ya :)